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Staff Picks: Science Education Products at

The National Center for Earth and Space Science Education is an Associate. Purchasing any products we recommend on this page—IF DONE THROUGH THE PRODUCT LINKS BELOW—WILL SUPPORT OUR PROGRAMS.

The Center's staff have been creating and delivering national science education programs—for students, teachers, families  and the public—for nearly 20 years. We believe that programs must inspire ... and educate. We pride ourselves on exceptional, accurate content that can deliver conceptual understanding at an emotional level, and programming that provides immersive inquiry-based experiences for audiences.

On this page our staff has listed high quality educational products in the Earth and space sciences on which we would bestow the Center's seal of approval (if we had one:), and that are available at If you are a parent or teacher interested in science education, or just someone interested in Earth and space exploration and science, we think this one-stop-shop might be something you might like to explore.

 Support the Center's national efforts in science education—at a time when America needs to inspire its next generation of scientists and engineers if we are to compete in the 21st century marketplace.
[Here's a relevant essay on national need by our Center Director at Huffington Post.]

For 19 years, we have been conducting the Family Science Night program at the Smithsonian's National Air and Space Museum. It's a school field trip after hours in the most visited museum on the planet, and with 50% of the evenings reserved for under-served schools in the DC metro area.  As part of each evening we show an IMAX® film chosen by the attending schools—films that are powerful, accurate, sure to amaze, and timeless in their message. Here they are available at We've also added a few staff favorites that are not IMAX®-produced films (you'll see we're Tom Hanks fans.)

Interesting note: Dr. Jeff Goldstein, our Center's Director, was a science advisor on both Blue Planet and Cosmic Voyage.  

DVD Format

Blu-Ray Format (currently available)

Books, Mulitmedia, Games, and Other Science Education Products

Coming soon, and do check out our page dedicated to the Max the Dog Children's Book Series by Dr. Jeffrey Bennett.
These award-winning books are examples of great science education.